Panels We Host


In addition to covering anime and comic conventions, we also host panels at various anime conventions across the West Coast. If you are interested in having any of these sessions at your local anime convention, please contact scarlet.rhapsody @ with your inquiries. For more info on our presenters, click here for full bio

The History of Super Robots – robots blowing up other robots; plot not guaranteed

Hidden Gems of Steven Universe – anime, video game, and Asian pop culture references in Steven Universe

Back in My Day…– what anime conventions were like during the times of the chair chant

Missing in Action: Women in Comics – recommendations of heroine driven graphic novels that need more love and your support

Henshin: The Tokusatsu Panel – everything you wanted to know about fighting bug men saving Japan

Convention War Stories – the crazier side of anime convention culture; everyone has a horror story to tell

Moon Prism Poptarts – a history of “Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon” in the US – censorship, changes, and early fandom

WOWOWTF – the horrors of Filipino entertainment; from the shot-on-shiteo to the pools of overacting

History of Lupin III – Arsene Lupin: International Thief of Mystery; origins and more

Classic Anime for New Fans – If you enjoyed Panty and Stocking, then you’ll love Dirty Pair!

I Heart the 90s: Shoujo Edition – Everything magical and everything sparkly

Like Power Rangers, But with Sparkle Sparke: Pretty Cure 101 – a primer to the hit magical series

I Can’t Believe That Was An Anime – find out what anime snuck into your childhood (and you didn’t know it was!)

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