Beyond Wonder Woman: Heroines in Print

Beyond Wonder Woman: Heroines in Print

We always hear that there are not enough strong heroines in the comic book medium. WRONG! Eri Kagami and Jared the Greek explore many independent women that have been involved in saving the world in one form or another. We will go through various heroine oriented comics to slice of life. Who knows…your next cosplay idea might come from this panel!

This panel was concieved as a response to so-called women in comics panels that go in both extremes – 1) men in the industry chatting about the subject matter and 2) women talking about the lack of representation of comic heroines. What we aim is to shed light on existing heroine comics that are out there and are waiting to be read as well as emphasizing what it means to have a “strong female lead.”


Convention Appearances: Kraken Con, Hydra Comic Con, Regal Con

Presentation Requirements: HDMI, microphones, projector

Estimated Audience: Medium