I Can’t Believe That Was An Anime



I Can’t Believe That Was An Anime

While everyone has their gateway anime, there was probably something from our childhood that we watched and we did not know it was Japanese animation! This panel was inspired by an article written in Inside AX where one of our staffers lists shows from the 70s, 80s, and 90s that were from Japan, but aired in the US. These include children’s programming on Nickelodeon and weekend morning cartoons on cable channels. Also included in the panel is a showcase of western literature and media that were made into anime. Did you know that there was an anime based off the 1960s “Thunderbirds” series? Exactly, how many anime adaptations were there of “Les Miserables?”


Convention Appearances – Katsucon 2014

Presentation Requirements – projector, laptop connectors, sound

Estimated Audience – Small to Medium



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