Convention War Stories


Convention War Stories

Telling stories of war implies survival. Everyone has a story to tell about a convention. It does not matter if it’s an anime con or a sci fi con, there is always something crazy going on. Convention War Stories is a 90 minute to 2 hour panel that has S|R staff members and friends of S|R staff talk about their weirdest convention experiences from masquerade drama, travel FUBARs, hotelmates from Hell, shenanigans with guests of honor, and more.

We also invite people from the audience to talk about their crazy convention stories! What’s your story?

In the past, we have had guests of honor and industry people in our panel to change things up a bit. This makes a great late night panel!



Convention War Stories Guests

Candy Jam Cosplay (Boston Cosplay Masquerade 2014)

Austin Wright (regular)

Jake Tarbox (Anime Los Angeles 2012)

Dave Merril (Anime Los Angeles 2012)

Tadao Tomomatsu (Anime Conji 2011)

Bekka the Alice (Anime Los Angeles 2010)


Convention Appearances:  Anime Los Angeles 2010, Anime Los Angeles 2012, Fanime Con 2010, Fanime Con 2011, Anime Conji 2011, PMX 2009, PMX 2011, Boston Cosplay Masquerade 2014

Presentation Requirements: microphones, water (we really talk a lot!)

Estimated Audience: Medium to Large


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