Doll Stories

The New Adventures of Cosette and Eponine was a limited web series to continue “Cosette and Eponine.” This original web series ended due to ending a partnership and engagement. There was demand for more stories with these two dolls going on their lives as dolls. We employed a team of writers and voice actors to create The New Adventures of Cosette and Eponine.

The show is written by Jared the Greek. Voices are provided by Eri Kagami (credited as Victoria Erica) and Julia Doolittle. Featured voices include Deborah Lo, Justin Daube, Kate / Alex, and Stan Oh.

This show has discontinued ties with the old “Cosette and Eponine” series. We do not support or associate with abusers.

  1. Away in the Bay
  2. Let’s Make S’mores! 
  3. Revenge of the Fail
  4. Cosette Lovegood and the Half-Wit
  5. Hooray for Cousin Football
  6. My New Philosophy
  7. If Mama Was Married