Hidden Gems of Steven Universe

Hidden Gems in Steven Universe

Rebecca Sugar’s beloved animated series has a ton of references to anime, video games, Asian pop culture, and more! This presentation discusses classic anime and video games that are featured and paid homage to in Steven Universe. Given that Steven Universe attracts the Tumblr generation, this is a great opportunity to discover the classics through the lens of Steven Universe. Without giving too much away, Rebecca Sugar has gone on record citing Revolutionary Girl Utena as one of her main inspirations in the creation of this show. There are plenty of hidden anime and video game “gems” found here.

The reason why we see this at anime and pop culture conventions is to engage younger audiences into the classics. Considering that many classic anime tends to fall on the wayside, but can still be accessible via legal free streaming and re-releases by DiscoTek Media, and other licensing companies.


Convention Appearances: Otakon Vegas 2016, Kraken Con 2016

Presentation Requirements: microphones, projector, HDMI

Estimated Audience: Medium to Large