I Want My ConTV


Once upon a time at Sonoma State University, a bored Communications major discovered Windows Movie Maker. She collected footage from a compatriot’s video coverage of the con from their camera to compile music videos immortalizing convention shenanigans. Despite misogyny in the San Francisco otaku community, she was well known for creating convention music videos and even went as far as creating the intro video for Fanime’s Cosplay Spectacular in 2006. These were during the “Traveling Valentine” days of Scarlet Rhapsody. This section is an archive of the elder videos and the newer convention music videos. Many thanks to Sora Kazeno for the inspiration to create these lovelies.

Combining music and convention adventures, Scarlet Rhapsody aims to capture and immortalize memories into music video form.

  1. PMX 2015: Going Back to Cali
  2. Boston Comic Con 2015: Fiesta Forever
  3. Anime Boston 2015
  4. Boston International Cosplay Day 2014: Shocking Polka Party
  5. ConnectiCon 2014
  6. Ninja Con 2014: Ninja Superstar
  7. Katsucon 2014: Katsu / Stay Alive
  8. New York Comic Con 2013: The Con of the City
  9. Otakon 2013: Fate / Otakon ~ kaleid
  10. Boston International Cosplay Day 2013: Cosplayers Holiday
  11. Boston Comic Con 2013:  Watch Me Do My Thing
  12. Anime Expo 2013: Strictly 4 My O.T.A.K.U.Z.
  13. Anime Los Angeles 2009: Les Grossman Tribute
  14. Anime Overdose 2005: You Better Work!
  15. AniMagic 2004: 1985
  16. Anime Expo 2004: We Didn’t Start the Fire
  17. Fanime 2004: Johnny B Goode

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