Anime Los Angeles 2010 took place on January 8 10, 2010 at the LAX Marriott (Los Angeles, CA). There is much to be said about the little con that could. ALA has earned a reputation for being fan friendly and catering to the California anime fanbase. Even fans from Northern California show up to this event to be part of the fun. Many Los Angeles locals have volunteered their time and talent to put on this successful event. This year members of the Scarlet Rhapsody team helped put up decorations and mantled benches on Day Zero. What makes ALA a successful con is the help that it gets from the anime community. Scarlet Rhapsody team members did a total of four panels for the event, including one with guest of honor, Bekka the Alice.

Anime Los Angeles continues to hold their reputation as a fan friendly anime convention. The California fan community really synthesizes this all together nicely. If you were lucky, the Scarlet Rhapsody team could have given you our John Hancock, since we did have an autograph section for each member in the program guide. We hope you enjoy the report! It's going to be a good day in L. A.!

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