DSC04263.JPGTop 10 Rejected Ala Concepts by Jared J. Griego

1. East LA Chola Ala – Complete with halter top, knife, and big earring. She was rejected because they felt she might be offensive to some people.

9. Go Green Ala – This was a dumb idea to begin with. First off nobody likes Al Gore and secondly how can a mascot for SoCal have anything to do with those dirty hippies?

8. West Hollywood Ala – Complete with cut off jeans, mesh top, and rainbow. It was all going right until someone pointed out that Ala was supposed to be a girl.

7. Fair Weather Fan Ala – What represents anime fandom more than a sports theme… wait otaku don’t watch sports... too bad they had all the licensing set up.

6. Valley Girl Ala – Like Omigod this was so totally the best idea. She was blonde, perky, had a cute bag, and like the best shoes. I totally have no idea why they would like not want this version… for sure.

5. Disney Ala – Due to legal restrictions we cannot describe what she looked like or why they decided not to go with her. She has a hidden Mickey, but we can't tell you where it is either.

4. Surfer Ala – What’s better than a cute anime style girl? One who surfs, dude! She wore a wetsuit, had a surfboard, and said "dude" all the time, dude. She was rejected due to the lack of fanservice… bummer.

3. Hollywood Agent Ala – Power suit, power tie, blackberry, and a house in the hills. She was ready for anything, but Anime Los Angeles was not ready for her… that and she wanted some points off the gross.

2. Real Housewife of Anime Los Angeles Ala – We had the reality show all set up too, but it did not get picked up by a network so we dumped the project and got back to working on our pilot.

1. Celebutaunt Ala – Bleach blonde, dog in purse, limo, completely drunk, and easier than a two piece jigsaw puzzle. She had the top spot, but sadly she died of an overdose just prior to con… what too soon?

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