Thankfully, the LAX Marriott is not too far from my house. However, because I knew that Anime Los Angeles tends to be a weeklong fan-tastic party, we decided to book a room at the Marriott. On the first night, I stayed in the We’re Not Twins Cosplay room. While waiting for Deb, I recorded the traditional Zero Hour Vlog. Deb actually arrived at my house during the recording. While we were talking about Jared, he actually called me on the phone. Don’t believe me? You just watch!


Deb and I stopped by Target to grab last minute munchies and accessories. I could not find for my knee high white socks for GoGo Yubari, so luckily, Target had a sweet sale going on. Deb was messing around in the accessories section. I picked up a few snacks for the hotel room. Deb and I had an interesting adventure on the 405 North en route to the LAX area. While it is usually a short drive before rush hour, some jerk would not let us take our exit off Century Blvd. However, the next exit was several miles up that it put us in residential territory. It took a while for us to navigate our way back to the LAX area. If could find a familiar main street, we could technically take side streets to the hotel. We missed a few entrances to the 405 South, but however, we were able to follow a few side street signs to get us to LAX. The area looked very familiar, and the LAX Marriott was on the horizon. The radio played “Life is a Highway.” To Deb and I, the song summarized our trials and tribulations to get to Anime Los Angeles.

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We gathered our belongings from the car and into the hotel. It was too early for things to get started up, so we met up with Stan and Abe and waited in line to pick up our badges. An hour later, registration opened and Deb was the first to get her badge for the weekend. We ran into some familiar faces during Day Zero. For the most part, we were just hanging out until it was time to help the We’re Not Twins girls set up for decorations.

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Deb and I helped mantle the benches for the con along with Katie. Luckily, Katie knew how to work the power tools. Other than putting up the benches, we also posted the signs and posters around the ballroom level. It was nice because it gave us something to do on Day Zero. Also on Day Zero, Anime Los Angeles had an ice cream party. Deb and I went on our break and picked up some delicious ice cream. Around 10:30PM, the decorations were already put into place. Deb and I decided to retire for the night.

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For the most part, my friends and I chilled in the hotel room. Stan introduced me to a few fighting games. He had Melty Blood on his laptop. To our surprise, he also has a Les Miserables fighting game. Everyone got a good laugh when we had Cosette vs. Eponine. “I’ll give you a little fall of rain!” Julia started making Sims of everyone who was in the hotel room in hopes of making a dating sim game based around Stan. Unfortunately, the alarm went off in the hotel. Assuming it was a joke, we were very annoyed that this had happened. Luckily, we found out that it was caused by a kitchen fire. Fortunately, the fire was contained.

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