After a nice early dinner we decided to go back to the hotel and change up our cosplays for the evening ahead. We thought it would be fun to go as Reno and Scarlet from Final Fantasy VII so we could be armed for the Anime Music Video contest. Before we went to the AMV contest we attempted to meet up with one of our friends to take advantage of the extra ticket we had to the event. Unfortunately he did not show up, which may have been for the best due to how the contest was run.

DSC03958.JPG DSC03959.JPG DSC03960.JPG DSC03961.JPG DSC03962.JPG DSC03963.JPG DSC03964.JPG

DSC03968.JPG DSC03969.JPG DSC03970.JPG DSC03971.JPG DSC03972.JPG DSC03973.JPG

We made it to the contest a little bit later than we wanted which made the early seating tickets pointless. However, Victoria and I were able to find seating near the front. We waited for the contest to begin and while waiting we could tell that there were already technical problems. Videos would crash or skip making the contest unwatchable. The poor running of the contest mixed with the feeling of an upcoming migraine was enough reason for the two of us to leave.

DSC03937.JPG DSC03939.JPG DSC03940.JPG DSC03941.JPG DSC03942.JPG DSC03945.JPG DSC03955.JPG

DSC03951.JPG DSC03954.JPG

DSC03946.JPG DSC03947.JPG DSC03956.JPG DSC03952.JPG DSC03949.JPG

DSC03948.JPG DSC03944.JPG

We made our way back to the hotel room so I could take some medication for my migraine. Once I felt better we made our way to see some of our Northern California friends who happened to be on our floor. It was nice to hang out for a bit prior to the upcoming panels that night. I soon had to leave to prepare my horror panel, so I headed back to the hotel to grab my notes and to get a quick sugar boost before my panels.

DSC03977.JPG DSC03978.JPG DSC03979.JPG DSC03981.JPG DSC03983.JPG DSC03984.JPG

DSC03980.JPG DSC03986.JPG

While heading to the panel room I ran into the head of the AMV contest who informed me that due to the bad screening they planned to do a second screening on Saturday. I told him that I would check out the show. I made it to the panel room just in time to get everything set up. This was the fifth time that I ran this panel and the second time running it at ALA. This time I used a slightly different format, but everything ran smoothly. Much like last year at ALA there was not much of a turnout. It was nice to test out the new set up with a small audience and despite my allergies getting to me everything ran smoothly.

DSC03987.JPG DSC03988.JPG

Right after my horror panel was the convention war stories panel that I hosted. This was one of the highlights of the convention. Not only did I get to host a panel featuring one of the guests of honor, Bekka the Alice, but it was the only panel to feature the four main members of the Scarlet Rhapsody staff. Many crazy stories were told and everyone in the audience really enjoyed the show. It was a really fun way to wrap up the evening. After the panel we took some pictures and made our way to our rooms for some well earned rest.

DSC03989.JPG DSC03992.JPG

DSC03990.JPG DSC03991.JPG

AMV Contest Winners


First Place Audience: Some Ride it Ruff
First Place Judges: Alucard's Sound of Madness
Second Place Audience: Dante Makes a Man out of Ryu
Second Place Judges: Rarity


First Place Judges: Veni Vedi vici
First Place AUdience: Tsubassa Falling
Fourth Place Audience: Ameno Tiara
Creator's Choice: Guide Me


First Place Audience: GoldenPants
First Place Judges: GoldenPants
Second Place Audience: Ode to Cross Dressers
Third Place Audience: Mean Woman Blues
Judge's Favorite: It's Tough to be a Host

First Place Audience: Lord of the Anime
Second Place Judges: Valhalla
Second Place Audience: Standing Still
Third Place Judges: You Know My Name
Fourth Place AUdience: City Scape
Staff Pick: Diorama

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