Before masquerade, Jared, Deb, and I went around in Sailor Moon S costumes. Even though we debuted them at Pacific Media Expo, this was our first time getting group shots in them.

DSC04104.JPG DSC04105.JPG DSC04107.JPG DSC04108.JPG DSC04109.JPG DSC04110.JPG DSC04112.JPG

DSC04113.JPG DSC04114.JPG DSC04115.JPG DSC04117.JPG DSC04118.JPG DSC04119.JPG DSC04120.JPG

DSC04121.JPG DSC04122.JPG DSC04123.JPG

DSC04116.JPG DSC04106.JPG

Not much seemed to be happening right before masquerade other than the Spoony Bards concert at 4PM. Becky, Miguel, Jared, Deb, and I decided to check it out. We missed the first concert on the first day, and was a great way to spend some time prior to the masquerade call time.

More video of the Spoony Bards' Saturday concert can be found on the Anime Los Angeles 2010 playlist.

We had to leave the concert before the last song since Deb and I had to help Emerald in her masquerade costume. Jared decided to do his own thing while the ladies prepared for the cosplay show. We checked in around 5:30PM with no problem. Like previous years, the green room was equipped with a photo studio and appetizers. California rolls, cheese, spring rolls, and orange juice for everyone!

DSC04127.JPG DSC04111.JPG DSC04126.JPG

Emerald and I went up for craftsmanship judging. We were surrounded by many talented cosplayers that we were amazed by everyone’s hard work. A few of our mutual friends were also performing in the masquerade. While we knew that we were all going up against each other, it was friendly competition. Everyone supported each other and it really helped that the backstage crew were very helpful to ease any tension or last minute mishaps. We had costume repair seamstresses backstage with supplies for last minute stitching or cutting any loose threads.
The nice part about the green room is that we were able to watch a simulcast of the masquerade. Tadao hosted the show. Thankfully, masquerade was on time and played to a full house. I really did not feel that there was any tension in the green room. We cheered for our friends and fellow cosplayers. We gave hugs to the talented performers who just had gone on stage.

DSC04130.JPG DSC04131.JPG DSC04134.JPG

DSC04128.JPG DSC04129.JPG DSC04132.JPG DSC04138.JPG
Our group, aptly named, “Rogers and Hammerstein’s Nadia,” went up in the Open division. The cast consisted of Stan, Emerald, Deb, and I. Though we had limited rehearsal time, we managed to persevere and entertain the audience. I came up with using South Pacific as the source material for the skit to tell a cute love story that would be a crowd pleaser. However, this could not have happened without the team members of our skit, including Justin who lent Deb his Jean costume (suspenders, glasses, and hat) and his voice for the audio.

DSC04135.JPG DSC04136.JPG DSC04137.JPG DSC04139.JPG DSC04140.JPG DSC04141.JPG

Without any further adieu, this is the Scarlet Rhapsody masquerade sketch set to Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water. Video is courtesy of Michael Tang.


We made the audience laugh and cheer. Being on stage and feeling the adrenaline rush is what I like about performing in masquerade. It does not matter whether we win an award, but what does matter is that we had a great time and that the audience loved us.

DSC04142.JPG DSC04143.JPG DSC04144.JPG DSC04145.JPG DSC04146.JPG DSC04147.JPG DSC04149.JPG

DSC04150.JPG DSC04151.JPG DSC04152.JPG DSC04156.JPG DSC04157.JPG

DSC04153.JPG DSC04154.JPG DSC04148.JPG

Deb, Emerald, Stan, and I left during halftime. The halftime show consisted of the AniMaid Café in a series of anime style dances. It was later followed by a screening of the winners from the Anime Music Video contest. The Scarlet Rhapsody team had a surprise for Emerald. Because our friend was hit hard by the current state of the economy, all of us pitched in to give her bushels of food and toys for her family. It was our way of saying, “Thank you for being you!”

DSC04163.JPG DSC04164.JPG DSC04165.JPG DSC04166.JPG

After changing out of costume, we wandered around the lobby. The most interesting thing we saw was the rear service elevator to be covered in phone books. Now that’s a war story!

DSC04158.JPG DSC04159.JPG

It was almost time to head back to the green room to listen to who won. We met up with our NorCal friend, Chibiko. As the judges relayed their results we all cheered for the winners and gave high fives to the victors. Though Scarlet Rhapsody did not win awards, we were happy for our friends that did: We’re Not Twins, Anthony, Gen Gerard, and the Cool Anime Vegas People.
Here’s a list of who won at the cosplay show.
For the rest of the night, Deb, Jared, and I relaxed in the hotel room having a light dinner watching the shenanigans in the hot tub.

Masquerade Winners List

Best Group Performance: Romeo and Juliet’s Night at the Rose Ball
Honorable Mention for Performance: Fushigi Yuugi, The Mysterious Play
Audience Favorite: Mangafreak 150 and Erin Chu
Best Individual Performance: Ia Shake-zula of Anime Souffle
Best Individul Presentation: Good Enough Cosplay
Most Dramatic: Death By Sparkles
Best in Show: The Prince's Tale
Most Humorous: Do You Want to Date My Avatar?
Audience Favorite: Ninja Stand-up Comedy

Armor and Wings and Jewelry, Oh My!: Do You Want To Date My Avatar?
Best in Class (Novice): Soldier A Cosplay
Best in Class (Open): The Prince's Tale
Best in Show: This is What You Give Me to Work With?
Excellence in Design: Romeo and Juliet's Night at the Rose Ball
Honorable Mention for Armor & Leather World: Ia Shake-zula of Anime Souffle
Honorable Menion for Detail: Dark Cloud 2
Honorable Mention for Fabric Painting: Ahza Miracle
Obsession with Detail: Death by Sparkles
Technical Ingenuity Award: Evil Black Bunny Productions

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