“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”

"Hey! The Carson Target has your Jean pants."

“I’m going to kill you…”

“Crossplay? That’s wrong and bad. It’s so bad and so wrong that we need a new word for it like badwrong or badong… Yes, crossplay is badong!”

“Hell yeah, Spoony Bards”

“Name please.”
“Your real name.”
“That is my real name…”

“I’m home.”

“Are you touching Dahlsims balls?”

“Don’t touch Dahlsim’s balls! That’s just wrong!”


“Stuff happened at the AMV contest and it was a good thing.”

“Karma happened to the AMV contest.”

“…what are you doing?”
“Feeling pain.”

“Reno you’re my favorite character can I have a hug?”
“You have no idea how much I needed to hear that.”

“Damn song nearly gave me a migraine.”

“Don’t leave a bruse or I’ll get blamed.”

“Is it okay to joke about rape?”

“Miguel is going to kill me.”


“It tastes like liquid banana.”

“Helping someone make a cosplay is not a present for me.”

“That’s so last year.”
“…and the year before!”

“Miguel, be merry!”
“I don’t want to be Mary I want to be Miguel”

“What does Tomoe think of boobs?”

“Jared says this isn’t a Christmas present.”

“Happy Birthday mother fucker!”

“You are supposed to say ‘boobs, mwahahaha’.”

“How do I look?”

“Here, Vitamin C.”

“Now I have emo Fruits Basket hair.”

“There’s fanservice of a meganeko chick with black hair and boobs by your bio in the guide.”

“I can’t believe I’m covering a doll gathering."

“East coast cons don’t count.”

“My first triple crown winner.”

“Fuck! That’s it, I’m leaving!”

“I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of gum!”

“Have fun at the doll gathering.”

“Eri, you’re such a pain in the ass.”

“Mmm, sandwich.”

“Reno we love you.”
“I love you too now come inside and join the sexiness!”

“Come to the horror panel, forever mwahahahahaha!”

“How many of you hate Micheal Bay?”

“How many of you wish the theme song was in part two?”

“I deny having a part of any doll related production.”

“When the fangirls are going to learn they can’t have gay sex with me.”

“Yuri times?”

“Nice cosplay.”
“Heh, yeah… I’m just doing a favor for a friend.”

“Where is everyone?”
“I have no idea.”

“Bow down before the King and Queen of New England.”

“These are my dress shoes. I hate these shoes.”

“I get this feeling that most of your cosplays involves suits.”

“Jared, it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.”
*Deb hands Jared soap*

“Deb, it’s dangerous to go alone, take this.”
*Jared hands Deb his sword*

“Okay, I didn’t see it coming.”
“that’s what she said.”

“Did you see the regency ball?”

“…and I’m all out of gum.”

“How embarrassing, forgive me my queen, my king.”

*Walter flosses teeth*
*realizes pyramid head is behind him*
*screams like a girl*

“I ate too much…”

“What are you drinking?”
“It’s call an All American, I’m not sure what’s in it, but its freaking amazing.”

“This drink… it’s like being sucked off by an angel!”

“Deb’s sober right?”

“You think there’s an S&M booth, you’re still drunk.”

“When you deny being drunk is when you are really drunk.”

“It’s Bison. Of course!”

“How you doin’ Jared?”
“Good, Jarod.”

“That’s the furry booth!”

"The Beatles? I never heard of that J-rock band."

"Stan has ripped off people for a long time."

"Look, I'm Jerry McGuire. Show me the Money, baby"
"Now I'm Tom Cruise. (Jumps up and down the bed) I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND!! I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND!!"

"I'm leaving you, bye"
"No!! MOE!!! Why would you leave me? aside from the fact that I stalked you and stuff, but still"

"Straight outta Capslock_Bleach"

"Whoa, this thing taste like coffee"

"...Gimme five minutes."

“Yuri is better than Yaoi.”

“Where are my I <3 Yuri ribbons?!”

“It’s too dangerous, take this.”

“Dante and Ryu are gay.”

Bible Black should have been called Bible Buttsex!”

“I was dressed up as Fujiko Mine and they thought I walked off the set of Austin Powers. Hey Jared! That’s your new trailer idea!”

“We need to make a Ren’ai starring Stan!”

“This is from an obscure game made by circle…or was it triangle…pentagon?”

“We need to go to the S&M store in the dealer’s room!”
“Everyone knows that there’s no such thing as an S&M store!”

“Mr. Postman can wear these on his head!”

“This is not a S&M store! This is a furry store!”

“What a kawaii morning!”

“I count sheep in my sleep.”


“Hey Belldandy! I wish this elevator to move faster!”

“It’s the cool Anime Vegas people!”

“And this is what you get for fuckin’ around with Yakuza! Go home to your mother!”

“I remember when you were THIS tiny!”

“Don’t leave us!”
“You’re the reason why I fly from Los Angeles to Chicago!”
“You’re the reason why we flew from Chicago to Los Angeles!”

“And now for a taste of Chicago!”

“But we wanted to do a Prinnies panel!”

"Has anyone seen my stupid daugther?"
"No, I have not seen your stupid daughter."

“I forgot her name, but we were in an award winning skit at Mikomi Con.”

“Vic? What a homophobe!”
“Wrong Vic.”

“All in favor of Victoria as Shampoo raise the palm. Thank you!”

“Where the hell is the arbiter?”

“I’ll give you a little fall of rain!”

“I can beat you…ON MY OWN!”

"Cool! I get to throw furniture at people!"

“I’m actually wearing clothes!”

“A beach trooper!”
“Watch your language.”

“I rubbed Jarod’s belly before the amv contest. I must be on a lucky streak!”

“Ladies first.”
“Since when Deb was a lady?”

“Hi Jared!”
“Hi Jarod!”

“Then who’s the guy you write about on livejournal named Jarrod?!”

“And masquerade is over.”
“To the hot tub!”
“To the hot tub!”

“The emo girl sits quietly as she finishes her sandwich.”

“That’s so going to be a quote.”

“And now we have the backside of a Final Fantasy gathering.”

“Why if it isn’t Professor Conehead…”

"What is wrong with your gathering?!"

“Dat Ass!”
“Dem Maids!”

“After all, I’m one hell of a butler!”

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