As I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, I realized I had the Amateur Voice Acting panel to host. Luckily, I had all my files on my laptop. Anime Los Angeles had a plethora of voice acting related panels done by professional voice actors. This panel highlights how aspiring voice actors can get some practice by being involved in fan projects and original Internet media. I first did the panel at Anime Central 2001 and 2002. Years later, it was great to bring this back to the West Coast. I had Deb and Jared on the panel team. Becky showed up for moral support and to make the panelists look good. We covered how you can audition for amateur productions, how you can produce amateur productions, and shared stories about being involved in amateur voice acting.

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Did I mention we did the panel dressed up as maids from He is My Master? Bigged Lipped Alligator Moment-Alligator included.


We did have a few problems with technical set up. First, the laptop connection ate into 15 minutes of our panel time which shortened things up. We did get to talk about what we wanted to talk about, but we really had no room to mess around. At about 10:45, we were told we had 5 minutes left of panel time. So, I played the video, "Revenge of the Fail." When we were three minutes into the video, we were told our time was up. I wish Anime Los Angeles made it clear that panels went 50 minutes with a 10 minute gap in between for that the next panel could set up. Otherwise, I really did think my team did a good job presenting.


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Deb and I went straight to masquerade check in while Jared wandered around with Becky. Unlike Anime Vegas, he did not have to pay for a fille de joie to follow him around. After our group had technical rehearsal, Deb and I went through the dealer's hall. The shopping area was tiny and I really did not see much of interest. However, there was one dealer selling a very life like fox plush. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the dealer, but if anyone remembers this particular dealer and how to get a hold of her, please let me know (v @

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For the rest of the day, Becky, Deb, Jared, and I went around the con as characters from He is My Master. It was fun to cosplay as the three main girls. While Becky and Jared perused through the dealer’s hall, Deb and I went to the karaoke room. There was no wait at all. The karaoke staff even took mp3 players for music source. Deb and I eventually sang “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga since it has been a long time Scarlet Rhapsody tradition to sing Lady Gaga as maids.

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We met up with Becky and Jared after they sauntered through the dealer’s hall. We went to the photography room where Richard (Imagecraft) took photos of us in our He is My Master outfits. Because we had a good group with us, we received lots of attention from our maid outfits. To add to the cheesecake factor, we also had Louis plush (Princess and the Frog) to stand in as Poochie. Overall, we had a nice time running around as maids. Jared did not seem to care that he had three cute maids following him around. Thanks to Postman and Eurobeat King for getting photos of us.

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For the rest of the afternoon, Deb, Jared, Abe, and I relaxed in the hotel room having snacks and watching various gatherings from the hotel balcony. Jared received a phone call from his friend, Shades, because they had a Black Mage costume for him to wear at the Final Fantasy gathering. Abe, Deb, and I just watched the crowd gather from the balcony.


And there were tons of cosplayers on Saturday.

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