[ConTV] Boston International Cosplay Day 2014: Shocking Polka Party

Event: International Cosplay Day 2014

Location: Boston, MA

Editor’s Notes: Title is a play on words -“Shocking Party” and “Polka Party.” I was cosplaying as Yuuki Anju from Love Live in her “Shocking Party” variation. I was in a Weird Al mood for most of summer, so I thought about using a Weird Al song that wasn’t so obvious. “White and Nerdy” was suggested to me plenty of times, but it seemed too basic. I always liked the polka medleys. I was originally going to showcase a fandom for each section, but that was pretty hard to do. Notice that all the mahou shoujo stuff was infused with Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” When it got to “Intergalatic,” it made me sad of how space fandoms aren’t quite as common in the younger generations.

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