[ConTV] Boston International Cosplay Day 2013: Cosplayers Holiday (Toast to the Bay Edit)

Convention: Boston International Cosplay Day 2013

Location: Boston, MA

Editor’s Notes: I wanted to showcase what the cosplay community should be. I highlighted as many cosplayers as I could – no matter what the skill level or the fandom – we have a very diverse array of fandoms in the Bay State. With so many negativity from discussing “Heroes of Cosplay,” I just wanted to add something positive to all the cosplay (hash)tags in Internetland. This video shows that anyone can enjoy dressing up as a character and that it can be one of the best hobbies ever. Who needs Halloween?

Fun Fact: When the song came out in the early 90s, I wanted to do an amv to Pokemon’s Pikachu specials (the shorts that follow with the movies) to this song.

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