[Con Report] Power Morphicon 2018 ~ Uh Oh! We’re in Trouble

Power Morphicon took place at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 17-19.  We attended on the third day of the event which had smaller crowds, but just as much to explore and enjoy at this bi-yearly event.  The whole event took place in the auxiliary building of the convention center in the large hall on the lower level.  The event was filled with toys, props, and just about anything a super sentai fan could want.

The location is one of the best things about this convention.  Not only is the Anaheim Convention Center easy to get to, but it also has a large amount of parking options now that most of the construction work is done.  Not only that, but it also has large rooms that can easily fit any number of events even during this convention there was another event being held and it would have been difficult to even notice that two things were happening at the same time.  The room where the convention took place also had smaller rooms within that functioned as panel rooms.  Each of those rooms was larger than the usual ballroom type panel room seen at most conventions.  Finally, there are several restaurants in the area making for some easy places to grab food during or after the event.

The biggest draw for Power Morphicon is the exhibit hall.  This was the main area for the event and held the dealer booths, artist booths, and guest booths.  It was easy to make your way around the various toy dealers and from there walking into the other sections is hassle free.  This area also held a booth with several props from the show as well as some displays for rare toys.  The dealer section had more than just toys as comics, clothes, and games were also on display.  There was even a display for the DropMix music game which had the bonus of the Power Rangers theme as a card set to enhance your game.  The artist section had more than just prints as the artist went all out with jewelry, pins, and apparel.  However, the area that was the most crowded was the guest area.  Actors from all across the franchise were present and fans were happy to meet their heroes.  It was great to see the lines of fans, but sometimes those lines could get a little out of hand.

Even with a bustling dealer hall there are still packed panel rooms.  Most of the panels featured cast members talking about their experiences, but there were also some very interesting behind the scenes panels as well.  It was a great experience walking into different panels and learning more about this long running franchise.  However, one of the biggest stand out panels was the fan film panels.  This featured a panel with fan film creators talking about their work and a second panel where the winners of the fan film contest were played for the attendees.  It was great seeing the amazing work that people put into their fan films and in a way it made me want to try my hand at it when the convention comes back around to Southern California.  If you are a Power Rangers fan then you will get so much out of these panels it would be a mistake to ignore them.  Even for those who aren’t hardcore fans the panels at Power Morphicon are still great entertainment and learning experiences.

The vibe of Power Morphicon is great.  There are plenty of families, fans, and collectors all there to have a good time and reminisce about their favorite series.  It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the original or the American version of super sentai because all views seem to be accepted and toys and guests from both sides of the Pacific are available at this convention.  People are polite and everyone is there to have a good time making this a very fun event.  However, the lines can get a little crazy which can lead to some people getting irritated, but it still seems like most people are on their best behavior.

Power Morphicon is like a lighthouse in the middle of a storm.  With the growth of new conventions with no content popping up throughout Southern California an event like this is a breath of fresh air in a stagnant swamp.  While it only comes around every two years it is well worth the wait and any fan of super sentai in any form should register as soon as information is posted.  With a huge list of guests, very interesting panels, and a calm atmosphere that unites fans under a prismatic banner.  This was a great event and we cannot recommend it enough.  We can’t wait for the 2020 event.

Written by Jared the Greek
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