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Bombs Super Show took place at the Anaheim Convention Center on August 19, 2018. Taking over the first floor exhibit space, Bombs Super Show showcased classic vehicles, or “bombs,” from across the United States. Car clubs showed off restored vehicles and classic cars. There were a few local car clubs from Southern California, but it was also surprising to see custom bombs from the East Coast! I attended Bombs Super Show as a pinup pageant contestant. I worked with Mitzi, one of the events organizers, in the past for Pinup The Movie.


The Outfit

For the contest, the 10 contestants were asked to dress up in Pachuca style. Pachuca style is from the Latino / Hispanic culture of the 1940s. It’s very angular and characterized by pant suits, very sharp looking dress suits, large feathered fedoras, bumper bangs, florals, etc. The contestants were given limited time to come up with a Pachuca outfit. I ended up putting this together from a few things in my closet that I had bought from Pinup Girl Clothing. I didn’t have time or money to shop for something new, part of the challenge was putting together something you have into the style of the time.

The florals were collected over time. The shoes are from Bodyline USA. I just had the belt lying around my house. I had hair and make up in the morning by Autumn Rose, a local hair and make up artist. I know pink is not often associated with Pachuca style, but pink just happens to be a color that has taken a liking to me, though I wasn’t huge into pink for the longest time.

I didn’t have any photoshoots at Bombs Super Show. I wasn’t really planning on it. Looking back, I wish I did. I was really impressed with the cars on site. A lot of them have a much more luxurious feel to them and it’s more of my style. While there were photographers running around asking for my photo, I have yet to receive any of my photos. (I always carry business cards on me with my email should someone want to send me something)


The Bombs

Boy howdy! Were there a lot to see!


The Pinups

My MO for attending! It’s always nice seeing fashionable friends at the show. You didn’t have to be competing to be a pretty and poised pinup. Some of my pinup friends were supporting us 10 gals from the audience. I really liked how everyone interpreted Pachuca style into their entries. Here are photos of the contestants and pinups you might have seen roaming around the pinup contest circuit!


The Contest

Though the contest was pushed to a later time (no problem – more time to enjoy the show!), the show was very well organized! As we were getting ready, the stage had a few performances. All ten of us gathered by the stage. One by one, we answered the same question. “What is your favorite car from the show and why?” While most of us don’t know much about cars, I liked how everyone answered. Some contestants gave a shout to culture and history that inspired customs, others talked about how some cars reminded them of comics and movies, and a few talked about the woody style cars and how it’s quintessential to Southern California life. We’ll get to my favorite car later.

Top honors went to Roxi Rocket (third place), Talina Bandita (second place), and Jenny Dame (first place). Either way, I was very happen for the winners. Even then, the ten contestants did not go home empty handed. My “thank you” bag had a calendar (with my friend Natalie Noir on the cover!), a tiki themed hair flower, and two pairs of earrings. I had fun meeting new people and making new friends at Bombs Super Show. Thank you, Mitzi for the opportunity! I’m totally up for doing this again (though I’m a newb at this!)


And what was my favorite car?

I went with Ms. Bakudan, a 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline Deluxe from Brown Descents DC. I was looking for the car that picked me. I was drawn to the sleek elegance and the fact that this car had a name. Ms. Bakudan translates to “Ms. Bombs.” Much like how the contest was going to crown Miss Bombs, this seemed like the car to go with. I also liked the Japanese decorations around Ms. Bakudan. It matched with my origami flower brooch.



I’m really glad I decided to enter. Many thanks to my friends and followers who were supportive of me in the competition. Your support on social media via WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook have been amazing. I wouldn’t have been able to make it to the stage without you all. I enjoyed checking out Bombs Super Show. Even though my main focus was the competition, I did like seeing all the cars. I wish I did arrange for photoshoots, I was kinda sad that I missed out on that opportunity, but I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m at an event like this.

Also, this event was indoors during the dead heat of summer. AC is always a bonus!

Until next time, hope to do one of these again!

– A Miss Called Vicky
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