[Bizarro Files #8] Ramses’ Dream Barracks



Topics of Discussion

+ Beyond the Batman Beyond

+ Carbon Grey and other steampunk comics

+ Re: Death and Return of Superman

+ G. I. Joe versus Ken

+ Jared wants to be a Ghostbuster

+ Comic Conventions!

+ Star Wars: Phantom Menace 2 Society

+ Westerns

+ Talkin’ Baseball

+ Ramses’ Thoughts on the Super Bowl


On Air Talent

Jared, Andrea, Ramses (sound engineer), and Paige

Vicky (audio editor)


Links of Interest

+ Death of Superman

+ V3 Cosplay Syndicate

+ Plastic Joint: Ramses’ Epic Rant on Battleship

+ Benzaie

+ Nicki Minaj performs at the Grammy Awards

+ Madonna’s Halftime Show


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo

“Ravishing” by Bonnie Raitt

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