[Zero Hour #4] V3 for Victory

More than just a group of nerds in costume, V3 Cosplay Syndicate aims to bridge fans together.



Scarlet Rhapsody interviews SoCal based cosplay community outreach group, V3 Cosplay Syndicate. Paige, found and leader, of the organization talks about service and upcoming events V3 will be hosting in the greater Los Angeles area.


On Air Talent

Vicky (audio editor), Jared, Andrea, and Ramses (sound guy)


Special Guests

Paige (V3 Cosplay Syndicate)


Links of Interest

+ V3 Cosplay Syndicate on Facebook

+ Los Angeles Science Fiction Society

 + Power MorphiCon

+ Los Angeles Cosplay Photoshoots


Music Credits

“Traveling” by Hikaru Utada

“Make a Stand” by Ric Olsen

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