[ModernLife] Secret Santa Holiday Party


Photo by HarmonyCloud

I love the holidays! Fellow Redditor, HarmonyCloud decided to host a Secret Santa event in the Boston area in mid-December. The idea was to have a Secret Santa gift exchange. This was planned in advanced by in late September. People signed up via Facebook events and wrote down what were their Lolita preferences. I posted a link to my Pinterest with a list of what I owned and just to give my gift-giver a sense of the type of Lolita things I like to pull off.  I received someone in the community I knew, but I was not sure what her style was, so I researched what she posted. As a budget Lolita, I made decorative bows. I was originally going to create a sash, but I had plenty of crafting material to create a set of two head bows.


Coord Rundown

I wore my Innocent World blouse and JSK. I joked on my Facebook status update that ugly sweater parties were out and that dressing like you look like from a Christmas card is in. The socks are from Meta. Nails are OPI’s Skyfall. Necklace was a present from HarmonyCloud. The wig is from Gothic Lolita Wigs.


And anyone got any suggestions for head wear? I brought my ribbons from PipstarPop.  It’s really hard to see the brown on a wig. I’m thinking a headband with a doily type accessory. I’m welcomed to any suggestions to make this classical brown coord work.


Photo by HarmonyCloud

Of course, everyone looked great in their coords! A few highlights…







The Presents

Everyone had their Secret Santa gift in the center of the table. There were about 20 or so girls who showed up. About 25 signed up. We had snowfall during the day. Luckily, we arranged this meet up to be earlier in the afternoon. My gifter was unable to attend, but it seemed that like my giftee really liked her present. However, it was already a gift in itself to see familiar faces again and catch up with people I don’t get to see at meet ups all too often.

The Food
Gyu Kaku is a Japanese restaurant in Brookline. They tend to cater to different sets of budgets, but they handle large groups pretty well. Essentially, you can order a set of meats and roast it on the table. There’s a heating type thing on the table. It’s great for larger groups. The ideal thing to do is to order a special that comes with salads, rice, and heatable meats and split it with three other people. I ordered my usual spicy Japanese ramen. It was very filling and the broth was what I needed to warm up on this winter’s day.



It was a nice meet up to wind down the year. Summer and spring usually gets too busy for me because of conventions left and right, but fall and winter are usually the times when I have more weekends to dedicate to Lolita meet ups. Many thanks to HarmonyCloud for hosting the Secret Santa party. Let’s hope that everyone gets their present on time and before the end of the holiday season. It was delicious food with good company. I’m happy people were happy with what they received. Special shout out to Terry for giving me the KatVonD eye shadow set. I’m very clueless when it comes to picking out makeup for myself, I do appreciate the thought.


Photo by HarmonyCloud


Photo by HarmonyCloud

There wasn’t much post-event type things going on because of the upcoming storm. I went to the cafe across the street with a few other Lolitas who were waiting for the green line to show up.


Until then…stay warm, Boston. Let’s aim for ice skating times and return to the land of chocolate in 2014.


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