[ModernLife] Terry’s Birthday Party


Photos by HarmonyCloud


To be quite honest, I haven’t been to a decent Korean barbecue place in Boston since I moved here. Most of the time, my taste buds are quite married to Japanese delicacies. A friend decided to host their birthday party at a local Korean restaurant up in Cambridge, Koreana. Typically, I trust my associates, Stan and Deb on how they rate Korean food (and they know good Korean food), but I went into this one blindly.



I spent the first part of the day doing make up in Brookline. I just had a doctor’s appointment earlier in the day. To keep things simple, I went in casual Lolita and found the best available with I could use. My coord consisted of Innocent World’s Romantic Rose, a cardigan from H&M, a blouse from Bodyline, a wig from Goth Lolita wigs, rosettes from H&M, stockings from Forever 21, and because the weather was in flux, I played it safe to wear a pair of boots. Rain could happen at any minute.  Piratical parasols seemed like the necessary accessory.



We stopped by a church right off Central Square for photos.


And then we had dinner at Koreana. It was a really nice turnout of Lolita friends.





There was much dessert to go around. Tira misu chocolate cake filled us well followed by complimentary tea.


Many thanks to Terry for the makeup and for hosting an awesome birthday party! Happy Birthday Terry!



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