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Photos are by Harmony Cloud.


Lolitas on a Train!

Originally set for a music video shoot, the Boston Lolitas spent a day of frills and sisterhood all over Brookline’s Beacon Street. Beacon Street is a major street in the metropolitan Boston area. It’s fairly residential and has the signature Boston brownstones lined up. There’s plenty of historical and old time architecture perfect for shoots. Unlike Boston proper, there’s not many tourists in the area; great for private shoots and for meet ups. The Beacon Street meet took place on September 14, 2013 and it pretty much ran all day.


Scarlet, the country lolita (editor in chief)


Harmony, the gothic loita (staff writer)


Li Mei, the sweet lolita (staff writer)

The Coord

I pretty much wore the same Innocent World JSK and Bodyline blouse I wore at the karaoke meet up a week prior. The tights are from Forever 21. Because I knew we were going to be walking around town and hanging out at a playground, I just wore a pair of brown non-descript shoes from the Garment District. The wig is the same spiral wig from Goth Lolita Wigs (and also used for my Madame Mirage). The necklace is from Aerisk, a California based Lolita jeweler. The hat is from It’s So Good jewelry. The parasol is from Tea and Absinthe. I missed out on the summer Lolita meet ups because of the heavy con season, but it was nice to finally have a country coord where I can use my parasol.


And shades by Lady Gaga!


The Location

I suggested this area because it was close to Harmony and myself. We knew the area fairly well. There are a ton of places to do photo and video shoots in the area that are very gothic and classic. The first set of photos were taken at the Chinese Church of New England. Despite the name, it’s a very Western church that’s seen a lot in it’s time. This was great for the more gothic styles. This was right off the Englewood stop from the Cleveland Circle line.


L for Lolita


This looks like fun – a bench!

The next place we met up at was right off the Dean Street stop off the Cleveland Circle line. All Saints Parish, a Celtic church, also donning very appropriate architecture and style suited for classic and gothic. There was even a small courtyard that looked like it was right out of Fantasyland. There were plenty of places to take photos at in the Beaconsfield neighborhood…and plenty of seating to chit chat and get to know one another. Many thanks to the church gardener for letting us take photos in the area (and for the lovely compliments!)


Plotting the Lolita Agenda ™ – mostly involves tea parties and tasty treats.

Waldstein Park was right behind All Saints Parish and it was just a nice place to frolic around in our pettis.


That’s a twinin’, yo!

The Shenanigans

Let’s admit it, we’re not always prim and proper when we’re donning our favorite fluff dresses. Sometimes, we just derp and joke around. Here are some video clips taken with my HD FlipCam. Harmony edited the video with Sony Vegas.

(and if you’re curious,  the catchphrase “Yaya, you’re such a loser” comes from this sketch comedy @ 0:12)

(and yes, that’s me singing “Otso Otso” in the twerk line)


The Food

After frolicking around Beacon Street, we met up at Harmony’s apartment – it was great for seating a cloud of Lolitas. I bought some snackages from Trader Joe’s to share. For real food, Harmony reserved a table for us at Gyu Kaku. Gyu Kaku is a Japanese restaurant where you can grill your own food and share with friends. Their libations are wonderful! I ordered the spicy ramen, and I have to say, it’s the best ramen I had in my time living in Boston – the right kind of broth, just the right amount of spice, and the right amount of noodles. I highly recommend Gyu Kaku if you are even in the Brookline side of Boston.


Gyu Kaku


Cooking some salmon!


Careful, it’s hot!



I never knew the meaning of a Lolita sisterhood until now. Before moving to Boston, I did dress up in Lolita at anime cons because I felt safer to be dressed up in Lolita when I was with my friends. I came from an area that was known for being very judgmental with not many nice things to say. During the day, some of us talked about how we got into Lolita and shared our personal stories. It was a real bonding experience with other girls. There are meet ups where it’s hi and bye, but this one allowed me to feel comfortable and be me. I feel this is what a Lolita community should be all about – sisterhood, fashion, and good times. Thank you to Harmony for hosting this event, you’ve made the Boston community a little bit more tighter than ever.


Sisterhood of Traveling Pettis


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