[ModernLife] Lolitas and the City: Season One



Coord Info: This is what I like to nickname “Amish in Paradise” JSK. This was a second hand Innocent World dress from the gal who got me into Lolita. I got this about a couple years ago when I was trying to build my collection. The hat is from H&M. I love bowler hats. The blouse is from Bodyline; gotta love your standard short sleeved blouse for a summer’s day. The tights and necklace are from Forever 21. I ended wearing shoes from H&M since we would be walking around the city; no need to get Manhattan crap on a nice pair of shoes. The wig is from Goth Lolita Wigs; it’s a brown hime cut. I was originally gonna wear something wavier, but I’m saving it for Boston Comic Con this weekend.


Location: The Big Apple itself! This is not the fist time I have ventured into Manhattan wearing Lolita style. Harmony had this scheme to get Renee and I to visit her in Long Island for a weekend vacation. There’s no better island getaway than Manhattan…well, if you’re sophisticated and cosmopolitan. The day was simply spent in midtown along 34th Street and 5th Avenue. We stopped by some shopping hot spots. I do recall going into the mega Victoria Secrets flag ship store. I haven’t been to the area since New York Anime Fest 2009. It was nice to wander back into Lush and pick up some make up goods at Sephora. I think the best steal I found at Sephora was a Hello Kitty eyeliner set that had some basic dark colors perfect for changing eyebrow color for cosplay. Because we are frilly fashionistas that enjoy anime, we went into Image Anime. Lots of figures to be found including a Sailor Chibi Moon locket! We ended our shopping day a Kinokuniya right across from Bryant Park where Renee and I ended up buying sweets to keep us energized.







Food: Harmony recommended Gyu Kaku, a delicious Japanese barbecue sit-down restaurant along 3rd Avenue and 51st Street. Essentially, you order the meats and you grill them yourself. We also ordered a few side appetizers – cabbage and dumplings. Because it was happy hour, Harmony and I ordered the lychee martini. After the main course, we ordered two dessert treats; green tea cake with ice cream on the side and smores that we could roast. We were definitely filled and ready to dive into a food coma. Price came down to about $30 per person, but it was worth it for a hearty dinner with friends.

Overall: While I made “Roccoco’s Modern Life” to highlight Lolita events in Boston (or wherever my travels may take me), it has been a while since I have done Lolita-anything. Life takes priority and I did like the idea of going into Manhattan being all dolled up. Manhattanites were very receptive to the style; we received a lot of compliments through the day and no one made us feel uncomfortable. We did run into two (non-dressed) New York area Lolitas at Uniqlo. It was a weekend worth spent and I wouldn’t mind doing it all over again. Many thanks to Harmony for setting this all up!


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