[Anime Boston ’19] King of the Clouds

There are many conventions that I dread before heading out, but that is almost never the case with Anime Boston.  This year our trip was a late decision, but a welcomed surprise as it allowed us to be back in our favorite town around some of our old friends.  We were lucky enough to get a good deal on our flight and we arrived in a good mood when we arrived early on Thursday.  This year the convention was Samurai themed and even though I didn’t have anything from that era I was looking forward to exploring Anime Boston and their immense amount of content. While I came in with a positive attitude this event did have some challenges, but that’s part of what makes this a memorable event.

The location has remained the same over the years as the Hynes Convention Center hasn’t changed much over the years.  This location is located near various T-stops and has several hotels in the area for those coming from out of town.  There are several food locations around the area as well making this a good location for the event.  However, the layout of the Hynes is not newbie friendly and while it does have more than enough room for everyone it can be a pain to navigate.  Getting to the 5th floor of the hotel for the other panel and video rooms is a bit of a trip as well due to the very long waits for the elevator.  Nothing can be done to fix these issues, but they are things to keep in mind when choosing Anime Boston as your next convention adventure.

The panel line up was very robust as it tends to be at Anime Boston.  I was rarely disappointed with a panel and there were enough things happening each day to keep me busy.  My main gripe with panels at Anime Boston is that the panels are not staggered right.  The panel rooms at the Sheraton and in the convention center often have panels that begin at the same time.  Panels in those areas are staggered, but it should be set up where the hard to reach Sheraton panels are at a different time than the convention center panels so that there is time to get from one to the other.  At this time you will need to just make choices with your panels because the staggering rarely will help you make it between two panel rooms if they are far away.

Beyond the panel line up there was still plenty of things to do at the convention.  There were several concerts and cosplay gatherings to help take up all your time at the convention.  Everything is run well and there is rarely ever a complaint or major problem with the events list.  The dealer hall and artist alley were both up to standard.  The artist alley had a great variety of booths with everything from pictures to crafts.  The dealer hall was a great way to spend some time and money as there was enough booths to appeal to nearly any interest.  To top it off the game room was packed with a great mix of games.  From rhythm games and racing games to fighting games and shooters there was something for everyone in the room.  It was fun to check out the game room, but it was always packed making it difficult to navigate and hard to get a chance to play at times.  Due to the sheer volume of secondary things to do at Anime Boston the convention will never leave you bored.

One of the things that makes Anime Boston so memorable is the vibe of the event.  You can really tell that the staff and the attendees both love this event.  From the effort they put into the theming to the sheer amount of cosplay games and events there is so much energy put into this event and it shows.  The attendees tend to be polite and friendly, but there are a few bad apples.  In fact, this was the first year where I didn’t have any issues with anyone.  That being said, Anime Boston might just be the stinkiest convention in the country.  There is no walk I made around the event without smelling some of the worst body order I’ve ever come across.  At least the staff does inform people of this problem, but it doesn’t seem to do much.  Overall, good people and a great staff make a fun event, but hopefully people will learn how to bathe before next year.

I was excited to go back to Boston, as I consider it my adopted hometown.  Going to Anime Boston is just a bonus when I return home.  This year was better than previous years for me.  I didn’t have as much frustration nor did I run into any rude people.  Despite dealing with bad smells and stressing over what to do on Saturday there wasn’t much that hurt my enjoyment of this con.  I do recommend Anime Boston and if you are a cosplayer then try out for the cosplay games as they are really fun events.  I am looking forward to next year and I hope that it is just as good as this year.  More than any other event Anime Boston is the most enjoyable for me and it is the one I look forward to every year.  I give Anime Boston a full recommendation, but fair warning it might not be for everyone.


  1. Setting Sail For Boston
  2. RE: 1 – Didn’t I make that joke last year?
  3. Rocket Man
  4. Push it to the Limit
  5. Glorious Domination
  6. The Game
  7. Why yes that is my Cosplay Lip Sync list
  8. Searching for that rare game
  9. A nice room
  10. Forgot my wig
  11. Shout out to the Metal Gear gang
  12. Watch the new City Hunter movie
  13. The room was full?
  14. Didn’t have chowder
  15. Did have a great burger
  16. Next Cosplay: Another Chef
  17. How did I get here?
  18. People, SHOWER!
  19. Eagle!!!!
  20. Note to Self: Get a new phone
  21. So many military panels
  22. Shout out to Kingdom Arts
  23. Didn’t get that GFL book
  24. Wish I did a panel
  25. Glad I did Cosplay Lip Sync Battle
  26. I didn’t get lost
  27. Great to see my friends again
  28. Love that Boston food
  29. Can’t wait for that Boston Bento

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