[Con Report] Anime Boston 2019 ~ Pray for the Wicked

Anime Boston 2019: Tales of the Shogunate took place on April 12 – 14 at the Hynes Convention Center in downtown Boston, MA. The annual anime convention brought in over 25,000 otaku from all over the east coast. This is one of the biggest conventions in the United States hailing premieres and A-list guests from Japan. Notable guests included Yoko Shimomura, Miyavi, Goh Wakabayashi, Naohiro Ogata, and a handful of American voice actors that are regulars to Anime Boston. This year’s theme was “Tales of the Shogunate.” This theme was pretty strong throughout the convention with areas decorated as if guests were stepping into feudal Japan. Samurai and sakura were at every corner. There is a reason why we chose to fly out to Anime Boston from Los Angeles. Read on and we’ll tell you why Anime Boston is one of the best anime cons worth traveling to!

Day 1: High Hopes

Day 2Hey Look Ma, I Made It

Day 3: Say Amen

Facebook Gallery: Silver Lining

Podcast: Zero Hour #148

Eri Kagami’s Final Thoughts: Dying in LA

Jared the Greek’s Final ThoughtsKing of the Clouds

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