Anime Expo 2007 (Long Beach, CA) took place on the last weekend of June. This is Traveling Valentine's first time doing official press for the country's largest and most exciting anime convention. Having press access is something we've dreamed of since going to Anime Expo. With over 44,000 attendees in Long Beach (nicknamed Vice City), Anime Expo had much to offer- concerts, cosplay events, screenings, industry panels, and the largest Dealers Room you'll ever step into.

Tom and I helped the Masquerade Ball for the second consecutive year. This is our fourth Masuqerade Ball. It has always been the crème de la crème for us considering we fell in love at the first ballroom dance. While Anime Expo was not the first con to run a ballroom dance, more cons (Fanime, Anime Central) followed suite.

Please enjoy our Anime Expo report. Feel free to take any pictures we may have taken of you, but please credit Traveling Valentine when you do. Please blame Anime Expo: Vice City for issues of social violence. Thank you.

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