Monday was our Fruits Basket day. Tom and I went in summer uniforms. Makes sense, as it's summer time! On the way to Anime Expo, I had to stop by the bank and Tom wanted to get a Hugo drink from Mickey D's. Trucks started honking at me and I kept getting cat calls from the locals in Carson. Luckily, we were out of there in a flash!

Monday was less crowded, we could actually navigate the artist alley. We stopped by Spork Ninja and Sihaya's table. They were selling doll clothes. Lovely selections as always. My parents brought back food from their weekend in Pechanga. We brought calamari, scallops, and pasta for our lunch. Our friends kept asking us where we got the scallops! We also brought Eponine (CP Nara) to join us for the last day. Ebi-chan invited us to her birthday party, but we had to be somewhere at a certain time.

It was not a part of our original plan, but we ended up seeing an advanced screening of Transformers at the Terrace Theatre. Despite a PMS'ed female staffer threatening not to show the movie, the audience was certainly hyped up. I'll say it was reminiscent of a cheesy science fiction movie, which was why I enjoyed it. Not to mention that we saw it with an audience that was really into it. Please read Tom's blog entry if you're too cheap to see Transformers on the big screen.

After the screening, it was time to make one last round in Long Beach. The con was slowing down. Tom and I walked on the bridge to the shoreline village. We had a nice view of the harbor and the Queen Mary. It was time to go, we said our bye bye's to our friends. Tom felt like grabbing Jamba Juice on the way home. We ran into someone who used to attend Anime Expo. We talked while we were getting our drinks. When I told Tom that my brother had old Transformers toys in the attic, he rushed to get there in heartbeat.

It was time for Tom to get back to San Jose. All good things must come to and end. En route on the 405 North to LAX, we found a car with a Shounen Jump sticker and an Edward Elric plushie. Another Anime Expo over, another anniversary weekend with Tom ending. We're onto our fifth year as Traveling Valentine, that cute cosplay media couple you know and love. Play it again, Hector.   

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