While Tom and I strolled in the Dealers Room earlier, we took another look around for things we might want. Tom certainly found a few things and I found a few things I had in mind. Of course, we had to say hi to our friends selling. On the way out, Anime Matsuri--the summer festival-- was starting. It was too hot to even do it, but at least it was in a location where we could see it. unlike when the Anaheim Convention Center set it up on the third floor. We also went to the Anime Los Angeles con suite Hyatt Room 238. It was a nice set up for my chocolate cravings. I'm very sure a majority of con suite visitors appreciated the free water.

Not much of interest was happening at dusk. I told Tom that during Anime Expo 2001, I've always wanted to take a significant other for a romantic stroll around the Rainbow Lagoon. Suffice to say, I finally had the chance. Tom got many a compliment on his Mad Hatter costume from attendees. We ran into our friends from Cosplay Hell in their JoJo's costumes. Diana was not present at the Disney gathering, but later she would wear Alice just for Tom.

Tom and I wandered around the convention premises just to explore what we were working with. We went to the upstairs of the Hyatt, and found an Elegant Gothic Lolita gathering. Actually, it was the Lolita swap meet. There was much cosplay going on during the dusk time outside the convention center, most notably, the Star Wars gathering. In addition, we ran into our friends from AnimeFX (San Francisco State's anime club). We played Katamari Damancy with Marc, our former president, as the Katamari.

We reunited with Cosplay Hell, complete with Diana as Alice for Tom's Mad Hatter. We hammered down the evening by chit chatting with our Bay Area friends. It was full of passing around the Death Note. I laughed so hard, I was in tears! Tom may have had a little too much to drink that night. Tom and I also sat down with David and Courtney to catch up and to get each other more. The last few moments of Friday really did feel like connecting with friends and it made us forget the madness outside.

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