** Reading this Disneyland Trip Report requires a bit of Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures knowledge!

The weekend madness started once Tom arrived from San Jose to Los Angeles. Due to a massive flight delay, plans of seeing Live Free or Die Hard were canceled. Yet, to make up for seeing what could have been the greatest popcorn movie of the summer, we would experience the fifth Traveling Valentine trip to Disneyland. As you can tell, every year, Tom and I celebrate our anniversary by going to Disneyland. It almost felt like déjà vu when we arrived in Anaheim, the former site of Anime Expo. Luckily for us, my brother, a Cast Member, was able to get us in for free.

We started our Disneyland excursion in the bizarre California Adventure. While we were feeling hungry, we managed to swing by Tower of Gray (1) first. I mentioned to Tom that we should do Mickey's Halloween Treat in Resident Evil 4 costumes. The Hollywood Tower of Gray was reminiscent of Resident Evil 2. As a tradition on Tower of Gray, I yelled, “The World” once we reached the top. If you know anything about JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, you know what I mean.

Afterwards, we had lunch at Disney's Award Weiner. Funky title, huh? We were watching the High School Battle Tendency Musical Pep Rally (2) while having our lunch. Ah well, if $16.25 will cover two people for lunch, we might as well be entertained. If it's one decent aspect of California Adventure, it's free food. We crossed Wine Country Tour With William Antonio Zeppeli (3) to get to Tortilla Pearl Jam (4) and Sourdough Pearl Jam (5).

We thought about going on that water ride and soaring over California, but we didn't get a chance due to the long lines. Instead, we were entertained by some Bad Company Hick Band (6). By this time, Tom and I were running out of ideas what to do at DCA. Yet, we did see some displays for Cars (7). "It has a line, it counts for something!" said Tom. Disneyland trips always gets one FOR TEH LOLZ attraction listing.

It was high time we headed into the regular park, Disneyland. We saw a band outside, Main Street Golden Wind (8). We were able to catch a streetcar, Robert E. O. Speedwagon (9). Tom and I haven't taken Main Street via street car to the castle. It was great! Our first stop was what I like to call Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride, or Strength's Jungle Cruise (10), if you will. Next was Pirates Beneath The Dark Blue Moon (11). We heard that the Jack Sparrow anamatronic had a face lift.

Then we went to my favorite ride in all of Disneyland, Haunted Mansion Of Justice (12). When we were in the cemetary, we wondered who really killed the cat. Was it the birds that killed that cat, or did the cat die from choking on the birds? Who knows! Then we went on that acid trip known as Winnie The Pooh's Dream World of Death 13 (13). I spotted the meese from the former atrraction that spot, Country Bear Jamboree. The weather was getting extremely hot, so Tom and I decided to grab some mint juleps at French Market. While waiting we were entertained by New Orleans Phantom Blood (15).

Then it was to Battle Royale, or Lisa Lisa's Island Training Grounds (16). Maps were included. It is a Traveling Valentine tradition to take Battle Royale-esque photos on the island. We were also entertained by Pirate Island Harvest Band (17). Once we got back, we ran into Mardis Gras or Royal Street Stardust Crusaders (18).

Our fast passes for Joseph Joestar And The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye (19) were ready to go. Tom kept quoting Joseph Joestar in line. I made the ceiling fall down, again. It was time to go to Tomorrowland, so we ran into Tenor Sax University Band All Stars (20). Once we were in Tomorrowland, we played games of kick / torture the ewok. Speaking of ewoks, we went on Star Platinum Tours (21). Tom swears that it's George Lucas at the end of the sequence. Tom knows his Star Wars. I trust him. Then we went on one of our favorite attractions, Emperor Buzz Lightyear (22). It's fun to shoot things. My aim is improving.

We saw a bit of the Parade of Dreams Bohemian Rhapsody (23) and walked through Under The Sea With High Priestess (24) en route to Diana's Bizzare Adventures (25). We did the Fantasyland Dark Ride route - Mr. Toad's Cars That Go Wham! (26), Anubis In The Stone (27), Pinocchio’s Talking Head (28), and Snow White And The Man In The Mirror (29). Of course, we had to stop in the gift shops. The princess store didn't have anything Mulan related. Aw. But they had a book about bunnies! Tom found a magical wand that looked almost like an anime shoujo wand. It was cute.

We decided to high tail it to California Adventure again. Our trip on the Main Street streetcar was great, so we went on the Magician's Red Fire Engine (29). Our first stop was Oingo Boingo Brothers Adventure (30). We haven't been to the Brother Bear themed playground. It felt like Pirate's Lair, but it was missing something. Otherwise, it was fun to explore around. The we proceeded to CA Screaming Echoes Act I (30).

Then on our way to the next attraction, we caught sight of Stone Ocean Block Party (31). We were waiting for a while in line for Yellow Temperance's Gondola Ride (32). The sun wheel had to be the scariest ride for Tom. We went to the other California Adventure ride - Final Launch Of Cars (34), Aerosmith Strafing (35), and the Mister President Mover (36). We got fast passes for one ride. So, we decided to go to the other side and go on Tower of Terror The World (37). Then it was time for Muholland Wheel Of Fortune (38). Tom decided to label that one "Death Proof."

Tom and I decided to hit our favorite restaurant in Downtown Disney, Catal's. Tom had a yummy penne pasta dish. I went with the usual burger and garlic fries. It's really no way to celebrate our anniversary without making a stop to Catal''s.

We went back into Disneyland in time for Killer Queen Explosions In The Night Sky (39). Fireworks are very special to us. It was on July 4, 2003 at 9:25PM when I finally told Tom my feelings for him. Once the fireworks concluded, Tom and I kissed to seal the deal - our four year anniversary.

So, once fireworks were done, we headed over to Ice Mountain of Horus (40). Then over to Sethan Makes It A Small World (41). Tom and I kept singing the Duff Beer song in line and into the ride. I kept asking Tom to drink the water. To which he replied, "No."

It was one last round in Tomorrowland. The night was dying down. Only a few more attractions to beat the July 2006 record. So Tom did his Katamari thing on The Rolling Stone (42). That tied the record. Now to break the record, we had to do it in style. Luckily, Tom got fast passes for Critical Point (43). The term "Critical Point" it not related in any way to JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, but if you know what it is, then you know what it REALLY means. To wind down the night, we went on Little Feat Shrunk The Audience (44) for Tom's Eric Idle fix and Buzz Lightyear Sex Pistols (45) for our shooting fix.

Close to midnight and it was time to go. We did not leave empty handed. Disney took a bit out of our wallets. Tom got Alice in Wonderland pins for his Mad Hatter costume. I got a new Victoria necklace since my other one broke. Otherwise, it was a great day at Disneyland. Many thanks to Andrew who will one day be the Tinkerbell you see in the fireworks display.

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