"Madness? This is Anime Expo!"

"Anime Expo is responsible for increased juvenile delinquency."

"Remember, we parked in the 'Itchy' lot."

"Does he love the P38 the same reason why I love the P38?"

"Okay, for the price of Blue Bayou food, I expect that Mickey Mouse makes the food and serves it."

"Ratatouille is scary. I mean, would you want rodents making your food?"


"We're heading straight towards AX!"

"I'm starting to recognize all the clothes you wore in high school..."

"Where's my hachi roku?"

"Wait...it's in Long Beach this year."

"Hey look! That's where we got our first kiss."

"This ferris wheel ride is the scariest ride in Disneyland." - Tom

"Yippy ki yay, motherfucker."

"May the force be with you."

"It IS George Lucas." - Tom

"This movie is actually GOOD!"

"Butt Con? WTF?"

"No one ever suspects the butterfly."

"I'm telling you, the butterfly did it."

"Won't you join us for tea? Don't do it, Lisa, it's a trick!"

"It's all about them black movie stars." - Jarod

"Madness? Wait...this is madness."

"Diana's Bizarre Adventures."

"I heard your wife died while she was taking a shower in the Westin."

"You're invited to our private yacht party in which I'm Admiral of the ship. Tom is the captain."

"What? I'm drunk and I end up pulling another Exxon Valdez?"

"I'm so drunk I can hardly see."

"Diana is a fool. I've fallen in the pool."

"Is that Man Faye in a speedo?"

"Okay, Dan is the one with a receding hairline. Dave is the one with full hair."

"I still can't tell them apart. They're in wigs and costumes!"

"Okay, I strip for you guys now."

"It's a full moon tonight."

"I'm staying and you and you and you, you're gonna love me. And I am telling you, I'm not going. Even though there are times..." - Vic after a pina colada

"Now you want to make us get drunk."

"You call yourselves a rum party and there's no drinks?"

"Welcome to Vice City. Welcome to the 80s."

"Have you seen Critical Point?"

"Oh, they do have Critical Point!"

"It's like comparing apples to oranges."
"They're both fruit."

"It's Calorie-Mate. And it's disgusting."
"This is pretty good."
"Why is it that only guys seem to like Calorie-Mate?"

"Snake has terrible taste."

"Let's look for Grandis and Samson doujins."

"Samson marries the little girl in the end."
"She eventually grows up!"

"It's too late baby, it's just too late. Though we really did try to go out to lunch."

"It's too late, Nando, it's just too late. Though we really did try to meet up."

"It's too late Mary, it's just too late. Though you still owe me $37."

"Claudine mode on!"

"We need Claudine and Mary to hook up."


"Dare to be stupid. Dare to be stupid! OW, MY BALLS!"

"Hold on, Vic. My balls hurt. The ones on my feet."

"He texted me at 3AM?! What does he take me for?!"

"Nando is always on Nando time."

"Eurobeat King is missing."

"*fanboys singing the Dragonball song*"

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing." 

"Trust me--"
"Say it when you know there's impending doom!"

"It's all about the black actors."

"Oh my God! Is that Dennis Rodman?!"

"I mean, Dennis Rodman is only a civil person. Didn't he write 'As Good As I Want to Be?'"

"I need tissue. We gotta to get to the hentai place. They give out free napkins."

"Michael Bay sucks!"

"Can Michael Bay transform my car into a better car?"

"Transformers actually transformed Michael Bay into a GOOD director."

"Shoot first, questions later."

"You're going to hell."

"Wayne go yatta."

"If it's blood you seek, you are welcomed to join." 

"I raised the sheep. I did all my own weaving." - Adella

"Which one of you trucks is Optimus Prime?

"What is your occupation?"
"I shut down illegal fansub sites."

"That scream must have been Kenji."

"I feel like getting my sniper gear right now. Unfortunately, my boyfriend has it." 

"Tom, who's that guy?"
"Collin Ferell."
"No...no...the other guy."
"Rosie O Donnell."

"You're fired, Rosie."

"I like guns..."
"So do I...
"Let's date!"

"I like cats..."
"So do I...
"Let's get married!"

"It would be funny if someone fell from the Hyatt building into the lagoon."

"Can our master bedroom look like this?"

"We need curtains. No chandelier though!"

"Does he love the P38 for the same reason I love the P38?"

"There's an Optimums Prime, a Megatron, and a Starscream in my attic."

"I had a Devastator. I cried when I lost one of the missiles."

"Damn, did you look at her hair?!" - Dennis Rodman to Adella

"I want to ask the twins about their personal life, like if they ever had a hard time liking the same girl."

"I feel like going to Target or Toys R Us now."

"The 103 speedway will now be known as the Michael Bay freeway."

"You're online right now?" - Rey Rey to Vic

"BOOTY WARS!" - Vic versus Ebi

"After all Ebi did win the regionals." - Bart Boy

"Why do you call me 'Old Man Mike?'"

"Are you feeling lucky, punk?"

"Spread some honey on that bear."

"Do you have extra scallops?"

"You ate all the scallops?"

"Did you know scallops is an aphrodisiac?"

"Vic, be a schoolgirl Umi..." - Tom

"Great, I have to cosplay as one of those CLAMP characters that have to fall out from the sky."

"Grope him higher." - Neo Serenity

"Hey! Andy is wearing pants!"

"He's cosplaying as Velma? You should totally cosplay as Roxie Hart - with shotguns!"
"Vic, they had tommy guns."

"Your Anime Expo staff hard at work as they're shooting things..."

"Jarod is also banned from Disneyland after that incident with Donald Duck."

"This place reminds me of Resident Evil 4."
"More like Resident Evil 2."

"This isn't Dreamgirls?! I want my Beyonce!"

"Free admission to our con if you're cosplaying!"

"It's cosplay. Deal with it."

"So, I was listening to RuPaul songs earlier this week..."

"Best conversation starter ever!"

"I made the FranDan dance move."

"Rumor has it that SKIN cancelled and Rick Astley will perform instead."

"Stop nostril raping me." - said Vic to Tom

"Impromptu Gainax Gathering! Old series no one knows about and new series no one knows about!"

"Where's your Gainax bounce?" - said Tom to Vic

"Bed wetter, Momo."

"Roll up a cat, like marshmallow."

"Let's steal the cat!"

"We're having a REAL rum party here!"

"Let's play schoolgirl and guy who has sex with schoolgirl."

"That's Momo in her schoolgirl outfit."

"Are you gonna sell flowers to gringos, Bart Boy?"

"Die already, Momo!"

"I actually like the San Jose Sharks better than the Ice Dogs."

"Let's look for Momo x Piņata smut!"

"Those trucks were honking at me!"

"Vic, you're in a schoolgirl outfit and you're leaning against a Mercedes Benz. I'd honk at you, too!"

"Are you cosplaying as a cholo?"

"Hey! It's Bart Boy's mother in law!" - to a flower sales person on the street

"Audience go facepalm."

"Tom, buy me a shotgun!"

"There's no crying in cosplay."

"Duff beer for me, Duff beer for you, I'll have a Duff, you have one too."

"This is not the City of Angels. This is the City of Pricks."

"Los Angeles Convention Center for 2008 confirmed."

"Let's bitch about the sun at con gripe."

"Play it again, Hector."

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