.Anime Expo was back in Long Beach. Tom attended Long Beach once in 2002. I've done Long Beach in 2001 and 2002. Luckily, I live close to Long Beach, so it's not a problem to commute. We were worried about getting decent parking, but we managed to get a spot in the Rock Bottom Brewery structure. Miko informed us about our badge pick up at the Renaissance Ballroom. A simple pick up in the main dance hall was all we needed to experience Anime Expo. Yet, it did come with a price. Tom and I would assist in teaching ballroom lessons.

Once we were rested up, it was time to explore Anime Expo, Long Beach style. The convention center interior was crammed with the Artist Alley. It was a tough time navigating. We tried to enter the Dealer Room via the legendary service elevator, but it was blocked off by security.

Since it seemed like a long wait to be of the first to experience the Dealers Room, Tom and I decided to take photos in our Read or Die costumes. Of course, I was cosplaying as Yomiko Readman. Tom is cosplaying as Donnie Nakajima, Yomiko's lover in the manga, also a paper user.

As you can see, the Rainbow Lagoon is a perfect place for photo ops. In fact, as we were taking pictures, several photoshoots were also taking place. We got a call from our friend Bart Boy informing us about on site press registration. Tom and I decided to give it a shot and were able to have Press access. It was a dream come true for us since we always wanted to cover for Anime Expo. Thank you once again, Bart Boy for the intel.

Our first task was to get to the SKIN press conference. Unfortunately, we were given wrong information by Anime Expo and Long Beach staffers. Wrong information meant wasted time. We were disappointed since it would have been a great opportunity to cover Anime Expo's greatest guests of honor to date. We walked back around Ocean Boulevard to get back to the convention center. On the way over, we were in shock to see the long line for registration.

Once we reached the Hyatt, we learned the Disney gathering was happening pretty soon. I used the Hyatt bathroom to change into Mulan. Using the Hyatt bathroom wasn't that bad. Tom changed into Mad Hatter. We had the pleasure of cosplaying with Brilliant Moon Cosplay as Disney characters.

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