Every year, I look forward to Anime Expo (AX). Anime has reached mainstream in the United States. Shows like Trigun, Lupin III, Lain, and Macross Plus have made it to cable TV one way or another. In fact, Starz was showing the X movie as part of their "X-treme Fourth of July Weekend" movie line up. Anime Expo has grown bigger and bigger every year, but is bigger better? New events like Anme Idol appealed to aspiring voice actors. Inspired by AWA's Final Fantasy Ball, AX decided to create their own ballroom dance. AX2003 shifted back to Anaheim after two years in Long Beach. The convention center is bigger and the hotels are much closer to each other. Will Anime Expo 2003 be a hit like the previous years I've gone to AX? Will Sora ever refer to "pop" as "soda?" Why is the Kinomoto family screwed up? Who won AX Idol? Um...are they really imports? Find out on the next episode of Traveling!

I Have a Dream

Honey Honey - The Winner Takes it All

Money Money Money - Under Attack- Dancing Queen

The Name of the Game - Does Your Mother Know

Thank You For the Music

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Knowing Me Knowing You