[Bizarro Files #17] Turducken, I Choose You!



Topics of Discussion

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Kickstarter Campaign for Clockwork Couture!

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival report is live!

+ Cupcakes!

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Plastic Joint Wrestling podcast and site updates!

+ Pimp Your Stuff – Avengers vs X-Men vs

+ What’s Wrong With Action Flicks?

+ ‘Tron’ talk – ‘Uprising’, 2.0, and Tron 3

+ Which comic book villains are the biggest trolls?


On Air Talent

Jared, Andrea, Ramses, Stan


Production Team

Vicky, Deb


Links of Interest

+ Let’s Build a Zeppelin! Clockwork Couture Kickstarter campaign (4 days left as of 4/27!)

+ Tron: Uprising sneak peek


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo

“Ravishing” by Bonnie Tyler

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