[AMV: NS] 24 The Animation

Anime – Full Metal Panic

Song – “John Melloncamp’s Theme to 24” by Paul and Storm

Editor – Not Spector

I had this idea some time around Fanime 08. Then I forgot about it until something a friend said triggered my memory and I started work on it for Anime Los Angeles. My favorite part of the video is the pre and post scripts. They add a little extra flair that makes the video more enjoyable. This video also represents the growth I have made as an editor. I completed this video about a year after “Put it together” (my second video; not featured on the site, but available on the org) and it looks night and day different. I had a friend do the original opening, but the Sakura Con version (along with all subsequent versions) is voiced by Kyle Hebert, of Dragonball Z fame.

Contest Appearances

Anime Los Angeles 2009
– Comedy – Winner Best Comedy

SakuraCon 2009
– Comedy

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