[Kagami Explains] Angry Goat Disgruntles Moonies: How not to capitalize on fandom

With the mainstreaming of geek culture, it’s no surprise that opportunists want to strike while the iron is hot. Veterans of the convention scene have cautioned themselves among events that look too good to be true. 2016 has already seen a few geek oriented trade shows that claimed to deliver A-list guests and fail hard. In mid-January, Angry Goat Productions released information about a Sailor Moon Pop Up Cafe and a Sailor Moon themed ballroom dance for the LA area. They have been utilizing Facebook ads aggressively as a way to get the word out.

There’s no denying that Sailor Moon is one of the biggest anime and girl power fandoms alive. The Sailor Moon LA 2016 picnic drew in over 300 attends and Sailor Moon fan panels are always filled to the brim at anime oriented events. The Sailor Moon R movie filled up a Los Angeles movie theatre when the new VIZ dub. It’s no surprise that third party companies want to cash in on Sailor Moon’s popularity.

However, the third party in question, Angry Goat Productions, has questionable business practices. Reddit user, JillSamich2236, documented that this company has a reputation for scamming events that they run. Angry Goat Productions have also silenced critics and concerned consumers on their Facebook page:


“Anyone who has researched this and since posted to warn others has had their comments deleted or blocked from the event. If you do a google search for this “company”, you will find they are listed on several scam alert sites. Since it has come to light that this may not be a real event, the page has said that there has been “cyber bullying” and listed their 1-800 number for people to leave a message. “


Additionally, photos for the Sailor Moon Cafe were stolen from the official Chibiusa Cafe in Japan. Angry Goat Productions has not released a menu of available items for their pop up cafe.

Even so, the ballroom dance does not describe itself as a legitimate ballroom dance, but something that would suit a 21+ club atmosphere. The ballroom dance will cost you $200 to attend and promises $10K prize. Our colleague, Craig Yamaguchi, who has run ballroom dances on the west coast can tell you here what constitutes a legitimate ballroom dance.

It’s best to support fan created and official events. Events like International Sailor Moon Day by Lisa Teralto and the Silver Millennium Ball by Miss Dream may not be Toei / Viz sanctioned, but they are made by fans for fans.

A statement released by Travis, moderator of Sailor Moon LA’s Facebook group had this to say about the matter:

“Please be aware that any official or licensed Sailor Moon events in North America, particularly in relation to the anime, will be held by or in association with VIZ Media and Toei Animation. Please do not pay to attend any event or convention wielding unauthorized use of the Sailor Moon name in its title. The Sailor Moon LA team strives to throw a few fun, FREE fan events in the Los Angeles area each year at absolutely no profit to anyone involved. If we are ever forced to charge it will be strictly to help cover venue cost and nothing more. Stay vigilant moonies!”

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