[Hot Shots] Flash Cord Photography

Point of Contact: Anthony

Location: New England

Website:  Flash Cord Photography

Contact: Facebook PM

Rates: Generally $30 for 1 hour of shooting

Communication: For this particular shoot, Li Mei did most of the contacting. However, they are very responsive on Facebook.

Service: I believe we had about an hour of shooting at Anime Boston. We were a pretty huge group of seven girls cosplaying in elaborate Love Live costumes. Anime Boston was very crowded in 2016 with the new security in full swing. We ended up sneaking over to the Copley Mall to get some decent photos where it was quiet and had less people. Anthony made sure to get singles of each of the girls in the group. Additionally, we also made time for pairings. It also helps that Anthony is a fan of the series and knew what he was doing in presenting each of the Otonokizaka school idols. Though this was a large group to handle, Anthony did the best to accommodate for everyone.

Turn Around: Wicked fast! We had a group of seven girls at Anime Boston doing the New Year’s idolized outfits. Each of us were given access to the Google drive account that stored our photos. We got our photos about a week after Anime Boston. I would highly recommend working with Flash Cord if you are in the New England area. You can check their Facebook page for upcoming cons and events.

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– Eri Kagami

scarlet.rhapsody @ ymail.com

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