[One Shots] Avengers Vs. X-Men #1

Avengers Vs. X-Men Issue 1 (2012)

Script Writer – Brian Michael Bendis

Pencils – John Romita, Jr.

The highly anticipated big brawl Marvel event comic of 2012 has arrived with Avengers vs X-Men #1.  While there have been other comics that function as back story (Avengers The Children’s Crusade, Avengers X-Sanction) and even a prologue (Avengers vs X-Men #0, Infinite Comics #1 – Avengers vs. X-Men) this book actually kicks off the story with good build up and a nice tease at the end.  The story follows the Avengers as they deal with the crash landing of Nova on Earth.  This leads them to finding out that the Phoenix Force is returning and it is once again going to be attached to a member of the X-Men.  With tensions running high CaptainAmericaheads to Utopia to work something out with Cyclops, but the leader of the X-Men has his own agenda.

The script is great and flows smoothly.  While this is to be expected of Brian Michael Bendis, it is somewhat unexpected when the story is pulled together by five different writers.  Hopefully each writer can bring their own style to the series without ruining the flow the series.  The first issue does a good job of showing what is at stake and establishing where the leader of each team stands.  However, there are plenty of side characters who have yet to choose a team in the conflict.  There is a great amount of potential for storytelling and hopefully this series will not disappoint.  The art is handled by John Romita, Jr. and it looks great.  Every character is well detailed, the locations look accurate and well drawn and most of all the intensity of emotion on the characters faces looks really good.  While there are two other pencilers involved in this project, they should easily be able to keep this level of quality up.

Even if you have not been keeping up with X-Men or Avengers you can still jump into this series.  The general back story of the Phoenix Force is covered by the characters and the major parties involved in this story are well know faces in the Marvel-verse (Captain America, Iron Man Cyclops, Wolverine, Emma Frost) with Hope being the only major character, thus far, who non-readers might not know.  If you are looking for a great superhero smack down comic then this is the place to start as the 12-isssue series will be going on for the next six months.  If you are not a fan of the Marvel-verse then this series will not appeal to you anyway and you are likely not reading this review.  This series kicks off with intensity and will hopefully keep up the energy goin over the next six months.


Bizarro Approved!

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