[RadioDaze] Butterfly Maiden Ep 4

“I wrote this story not as an anti-war piece, but rather finding peace in one another. That’s where world peace starts.”

The story behind “Butterfly Maiden” was my response going through depression in 10th grade. I was obsessed with mid-century pop culture from Frankie Valli to Hendrix. As I was going through high school, seeing hate all around, I was quite inspired by a time period where a generation believed that love was the answer, or was it? As part of a Throwback Thursday series, I have uploaded all four episodes of “Butterfly Maiden.” This was a huge project I took on – writing, directing, mixing audio, etc in 2000 on Cool Edit Pro 2.0.


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Show Notes

– Recorded circa 2001

– Music does not belong to me, all copyrighted music belongs to respective owners

– I honestly forgot whom I cast in this; my apologies if I have not acknowledged you. All of you are awesome!

– Cover art by Chen Shu Fen (陳淑芬)


– Eri Kagami

scarlet.rhapsody @ ymail.com

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