[Sapio] 5 Happy Sex Hentai

Hentai, animated pornography from Japan, has a bad reputation for being made up of school girl rape and rough tentacle sex. However, like any form of pornography it has many different genres. While the most notorious genres are the most noticeable there are options for those who are seeking something more consensual in their hentai.


Now that being said it should be noted that in most cases a hentai plot is not much better than a stereotypical porn plot. Everything is an excuse for sex and with a few exceptions there are no consequences for sex, cheating, or other debauchery. While the majority of consensual titles are not very plot heavy there are some that try to inject more than just sex into their story. However, much like any other kink it all comes down to taste and what makes you feel good.

The following is a list of some hentai titles that feature consensual relationship, or ‘happy sex’ as it is sometimes called by the hentai community. All titles have been released in the US at one point or another, however, some of these may be older titles and a little bit harder to find. Whether you prefer your women to be buxom, strong, or older there is a series out there for you to enjoy. For now, use these suggestions for your first trip into ‘happy sex hentai with mutual liking’ the lesser known, but fan favorite part of this medium.

1. Cosplay Café – A guy takes over a small coffee shop and has the girls put on sexy outfits to improve sales. The waitresses, all MILF types, try to seduce the guy, but his interest is on a different woman who is a recent widow. Lighter on sex and heavier on discussion about feelings and moving on with life after the death of a loved one, but it doesn’t get too heavy or kill the mood of the sexy café themed story.

2. Class Reunion Again – Two different stories featuring the same cast in different circumstances. The first is a ski lodge story with the main character seeking to be with one of the gals. The second story is a different route where the protagonist struggles to admit his love to his childhood friend. These two stories are more about emotion than sex, but feature a loving sex scene at the end of each story.

3. Akiba Girls – A nerdy guy joins an anime club and has sex with a cosplayer, a voice actor, and even his two step-sisters. However, he does develop a relationship with his dream girl from Akihabara though it is not the main focus of the series. What sets this one apart is an ending that isn’t the usual ‘let’s all share him’ finale, instead it goes a very different direction that may leave some scratching their heads in confusion.

4. Sex Friend – A girl asks a guy if he wants to be her sex friend and he says ‘yes’. After that he falls for the girl and tries to be her boyfriend. In addition to that a cute meganekko also has a crush on the guy and gets involved due to the help of the first girl and a nurse. A very different title from other hentai shows that will appeal to those who want a more emotional story and a little more kink to their vanilla adventures.

5. Darling – A wife helps her husband, an erotic manga writer, get inspiration by wearing different costumes and trying different kinks. The sex scenes are between the couple and in the stories that the husband writes throughout the series. While some of his scenes may rub some people the wrong way the majority of this story is about a loving couple having sex and being creative.



There are literally hundreds of hentai titles out there and hopefully this list will give you a guide to the fun side of the medium, where people can have sex with consent and smiles. Look forward to more lists from your favorite happy hentai lover.

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