[My Fair Lady] Roaring Twenties Lawn Party 2015


After seeing photos from various 1920s lawn parties posted on my Facebook feed, I was hoping one day I could be able to attend a Gatsby affair. Since high school, I’ve always been obsessed with the literature and history of the time period. I think I was one of the few people in my class that enjoyed “The Great Gatsby” and thus, I kept on reading more of F Scott Fitzgerald’s works. I first learned about the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party @ the Crane Estate about a year ago. Because it is located in a remote part of the state, I decided to pass on it. However, my friend Alison invited me to check it out. It was our first time checking out the Crane Estate party. I had no idea what to expect, but I can say it was well worth the $20 pre-sale ticket.



The Dress

I ended up making my own 1920s style dress a few days before the event. I started on Wednesday evening. I had the perfect light blue fabric to make something nice for a summer lawn party. I used a commercial pattern (McCalls 6504) with a waist drop. I thought about adding a belt, but I didn’t have much time to add it in. When I put on the final version, it looked a bit bulky, but I’m very used to making dresses that contoured to an hour glass figure; whereas for the 1920s, a very rectangular figure was much more emphasized in fashion. I had plenty of accessories to match with the outfit as well.


The Main Event

Other than the meet up at the public gardens in July, I really haven’t gone to a full out 1920s lawn party. The Crane Estate is huge! Not only the castle sat on top of a hill, but the land was pretty immense. There were hills that lead into the Crane beach. There was a badminton court and people were doing rounds of croquet. I really enjoyed looking through the vendors; I was able to get a 1920s style tin type photo with one of my favorite photographers to work with. I really liked going through the many dresses that were for sale; it was like going through a vintage thrift shop. I went on the vintage car ride around the mansion. It was an extra $5 and it was really fun to explore what was around the estate. Of course, there was plenty dancing. I haven’t gone swing dancing for a couple of months, and it was nice to get quick refreshers every now and then. I’m naturally a follower and I met some really cool leads on the floor.



I had a great time at the Crane Estate lawn party. I’m really glad I was able to check it out. I’m really growing an affinity to 20th century vintage and retro events. I really like the crowd; everyone is nice and mature. No drama at all! No one judges anyone on what they wear or if their outfit is period accurate. Everyone is here to have fun and just enjoy the luxuries and hedonism of the 1920s. Many thanks to Alison for reminding me about the event. I’m looking forward to the World War II event coming up in Newton. I’m already planning to wear my USO victory outfit for that!



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