[Bizarro Files #11] – What a Gamer Girl Wants



Topics of Discussion

+ Pimp Your Stuff: New 52 Part 3, Best Anime You’ve Never Seen

+ Pimp Your Stuff: Mass Effect 3, Relay for Life

+ Pimp Your Stuff: The Sims Showtime

+ CapCom Controversy – Creepy guys and fighting games

+ Gamer Girls Meme – What really makes a gamer girl?

+ Gamers and etiquette

+ RoboCop remake and rage!

+ Happy 20th anniversary, Sailor Moon!


On Air Talent

Jared, Andrea, Ramses (sound engineer), Stan, Deb (Artist), Vicky.


Links of Interest

+ Competitive Gamer’s Inflammatory Comments Spark Sexual Harassment Debate [via Kotaku]

+ Sexual harassment as ethical imperative: how Capcom’s fighting game reality show turned ugly [via The Penny Arcade Report]

+ Gamer Girl meme [via Facebook. May be NSFW]


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” by Andrew Espejo

“Ravishing” by Bonnie Raitt

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