[Bizarro Files #5] Fear of a Moe Planet

Clannad respectfully belongs to Key

LIVE from CSU Northridge! (kinda)



Topics of Discussion

+ Response to “Top 25 Ultra Hyper Godly Anime Japan Should Be Proud Of”

+ Jem in the 21st century: Does it work?

+ Jared’s Akira rage

+ Oscars: Nomination Highlights and Snubs


Links of Interest

 Memo to Hasbro

Oscars 2012 nominations

Top 25 Ultra Hyper Godly Anime Japan Should be Proud Of

What’s Wrong With Anime: Toradora! (warning: you may disagree!)

Jaded Otaku Media: Top Five Anime (warning: your brain will melt)


On Air Talent

Jared, Stan,  Andrea, and Ramses


Additional Credits

“Kill Chorus” composed by Andrew Espejo

“Ravishing” by Bonnie Raitt

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