[Con Culture] American Idol judge signed to record music for new Sailor Moon animated series


The world patiently awaits the second coming of Serenity – at least in animated form. While there have been reports from Japan regarding j-pop idol group, Momoiro Z debuting what is to the theme song to the new Sailor Moon animated series, more news just keeps coming from Tokyo as the day unfurls.

Toei has picked an unlikely chanteuse to record a song for the new Sailor Moon series due this summer. In the past decade, we have seen a trend of musicians play homage to Japanese popular culture. Gwen Stefani has her Harajuku clique in the mid-2000s. Kreayshawn, who recorded 2011’s “Gucci Gucci,” dawns a Sailor Moon tattoo, and Lady Gaga rocked Miku hair during her Monster Ball tour in Japan. Now, it’s the Harajuku Barbie’s turn – you guessed it – Nicki Minaj.

“Totally excited,” says the young pop singer. “We already gonna shoot a video in Juban. I love the costume they’re putting me in. I’m gonna look like a frosted strawberry poptart – you just want to eat me up!” Today, Minaj tweeted, “I LOVE LOVE SAILOR MOON XOXOXO!”

Nicki Minaj has always been an unusual pop culture icon. Like Lady Gaga, she has colorful hairstyles and dresses the way she does just because. Previous music in Sailor Moon has been by the voice actresses. The track Minaj is recording could be an image track. We are unsure if the song will be sung in English or Japanese. No further details have been discussed. However, Sailor Moon fans can rejoice that there is news from Japan about the 2013 series.

The name of the track Nicki Minaj is recording for the new Sailor Moon series is “SOS ~ Girl by Daylight.”

Nicki Minaj will also open Fanime Con 2013’s Gaku-Fest.


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