[ModernLife] Valentine’s Day Ice Skating Meetup

Event Invite

Event Invite

Coord Info: I wanted to go casual for the skating meet up. While I did have several new Lolita-esque things in my closet, I stuck with what I wore on the last day of Arisia. I wore my English Rose skirt from Innocent World. The blouse is from Innocent World. The socks are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright. The headband is from Claire’s. The necklace is from Aerisk. The boots are from the LA fashion district; though not totally Lolita, news reports of snow and rain prompted to me to wear practical shoes than the usual tea party pretties.


Location: The ice skating event was held in Kendall Square, not too far from the Kendall T station. There was plenty of garage parking. Because of weather concerns, Kendall was pretty much a ghost town. I was lost looking for the rink. I ended up going in the other direction, Luckily, a waiter at a local Irish pub pointed me in the right direction (my iPhone was dying). I finally go to the rink. It was very small, yet not as touristy as the one at the Boston Common. Prices were about $13-ish to rent and skate.


Food: Everyone’s favorite part of a meetup! The event coordinators decided on a Japanese place right across the rink, Fuji’s. We got there just in time to claim a table that would sit our party. The prices were reasonable. I ended up splurging on a few things – philly maki, popcorn shrimp, etc. Fuji’s also served boba tea and smoothies. The food was very filling and the atmosphere made it great for socializing. Believe me, we were ready to get warm and cozy after a few hours of ice skating.




Overall: Many thanks to Kristen and Darcy for hosting a really intimate, yet sweet meet up. I had a very pleasant time and it was also nice getting to know more people in the community. I like large and small meet ups for different reasons. Large meet ups gives you a variety of coordinations and the smaller ones lets you actually have face time with everyone. After a few meet ups, I’m really feeling that the Boston Lolita community is now much a part of home after moving here six months ago. I love you all! <3


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