Arisia 2013 is a science fiction and fantasy convention that covers everything under the nerd spectrum. Academic science, anime, classic and modern sci fi, history, LARP, alternative lifestyles, New Age, and even kink all join forces together at this four day extravaganza. This is a haven where you are not judged by fandoms, but is a place where everyone comes together to celebrate their nerd pride. The event is run by science fiction community veterans based in New England. I joked that this con was fueled by "neckbeards with money," but I found fans of all ages enjoying this long running science fiction convention.

This year the theme is based on the Cole Porter compsed soundtrack for the film, Can Can. "C'est Magnifique" was the song that was playing in my heart while I was browsing through the con. This is our first Arisia and our first Boston area event. Arisia was a different experience for Scarlet Rhapsody, but a different experience does not necessarily mean a bad thing. You can listen to the Arisia edition of Zero Hour show here.

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