[Con Report] San Diego Anime Con ’23

The first ever San Diego Anime Con took place on November 18 – 19, 2023 at the Handerly Hotel in San Diego, CA. This is familiar place for Scarlet Rhapsody. We usually stay in this touristy area of San Diego for another major con that occurs in San Diego during the summer. Our first impressions of SDAC was that because it was a first year con, it would be small and maybe attract a few locals. But wait! This first year con sold out!

San Diego Anime Con had guests such as Madison Brunoehler, Paul Castro Jr., Paul Dateh, and others. This was a very interactive and chill convention. Families cosplayed together pursuing the various vendor rooms. Cosplayers took poolside photos. And programming was all over the place! This wasn’t bad for a first year convention. If anything, San Diego Anime Con proved that there was a growing desire and demand for an all weekend anime event in their area.

Note: Dame Scarlet Aznable and Jay T. Greek were participating in Cosplay Wrestling Federation


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