[Con Report] North West Idol Fest ’23

North West Idol Fest 2023 took place on October 20-22, 2023 in Seattle, WA at the Doubletree. In their third inaugural year, North West Idol Fest delivers kaigai idols, or overseas idols from coast to coast. NWIF had Non Sweet from Vancouver, PAiDA from Texas, Alex Pinku from Baltimore, and more. We also had local acts such as the Crimson Crooner and Amanda Tanadinata from Seattle. Attendees were populated with wotogei, or idol fans. Penlights, callouts, happi coats showing off their favorites was the general vibe of this small hotel con. As someone who used to attend Viva, a rockabilly weekender in Las Vegas, NWIF is much like Viva, but with kaigai idols.

North West Idol Fest is a unique convention compared to our usual anime and comic con travels. Idols are a niche of anime and one can argue that anime is a niche of the comic con and Western pop culture world that we typically cover for our website. What’s charming about North West Idol Fest is that it is very reminiscent of anime cons from long ago; while a small affair, you were with 100 of your best friends you never met.

Note: Dame Scarlet Aznable staffed SoCal Idol Fest and staffed events for North West Idol Fest. This report is meant for documentation purposes and her views are her own.

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