[Con Report] Anime Expo 2023

Anime Expo 2023 took place on July 1-4, 2023 in downtown Los Angeles at the LA Convention Center, LA Live, and JW Marriott conference spaces. This is the world’s largest gathering of anime fans, 160,000 otaku gathered in downtown LA for the annual event. With a two year absence during the pandemic and a lack of international guests in 2022, Anime Expo came back stronger bringing in guests from the international anime industry. Voice actors, famed Vtubers, creatives from the top Japanese anime studios celebrated premieres and fandom with the masses during the Fourth of July weekend.

Of course, Anime Expo is a controversial event in the greater anime fandom community. Locals groan when the weekend of the fourth comes close. People question if they want to deal with the crowds and rising prices. And general attendees wonder what does Shaq have to do with anime (the famed baller ended up being a DJ for the Monday night dance).

Let’s find out in our 2023 Anime Expo con report!


Disclosure: We were invited to host a panel at Anime Expo, “A Cosplayer’s Guide to Shopping at the LA Fashion District”


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