[Con Report] Anime Las Vegas 2023

Not to be confused with the now defunct Anime Vegas, Anime Las Vegas is a California based venture brought to Sin City. The Las Vegas convention community has had outside influence on their convention scene for the past several years. Las Vegas locals recall the now defunct Otakon Vegas. Such cons have been hit or miss; mostly of the latter. Anime Las Vegas took place on April 22-April 23, 2023 at the The Expo at World Market Center close to Downtown Las Vegas. Attendees could get a hotel room at the Golden Nugget in downtown, or locals commuted. Anime Las Vegas brought in heaves of American voice actors from Naruto, Death Note, Chainsaw Man, and My Hero Academia. If you are a fan of American voice actors, this was the place to go!

Anime Las Vegas 2023 is a first year con, but this is not the organizer’s first rodeo either.  They ran a successful Anime Pasadena in Southern California. Much of how Anime Pasadena was ran is very similar to Anime Las Vegas.

So, how did the two day convention in Sin City fare? Find out in our convention report!

The Report: Viva Las Weebs

The Podcast: Convention Tea

Anime Las Vegas Galleries: Saturday, Sunday

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